Manufacture of bespoke furniture and cabinetry

OLALA Factory

“Design is not how it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

The quality of our craftsmanship, as well as our vast and varied supply chain, affords us the ability to manufacture and deliver bespoke and compelling designs.

Furniture and cabinetry is a vital ingredient that sets a tone, a real expression of your individuality. It’s also an investment. OLALA ‘s furniture is designed in-house and hand-made by our experienced and home-grown craftsmen, for the enjoyment of our select clients

Our focus is product quality and superior customer service. OLALA INTERIORS credits their steady and continuous growth to our “customer first” philosophy and to building a prestige product. We select sustainable materials for best application per product, carefully handcrafting the chosen material.

We practice continuous improvement, and are always looking to find new and innovative ways to improve on our quality. While combining technical and conceptual expertise with the creativity of contemporary designers, OLALA INTERIORS continues to push the boundaries  whilst defining luxury design and delivering personal satisfaction for individual tastes.

meet our factory manager

Riaan Grobbelaar

Under Riaan’s direction, our factory has grown from awesome to formidable, competing with the  best out there.  With his unique good-naturedness and team approach, he instills pride and ensures that all our product remains visually compelling,  beautiful inside and out, matching our clients aspirations.