Terms of Engagement

Terms of Engagement

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Thank you for briefing DAMASQUE INTERIORS CC (REG. NO. 1994/016725/23) trading as OLALA INTERIORS.

OLALA INTERIORS is an Internationally recognized Design & Décor House and winner of Multiple Local and International Awards, including 5 Star Best in South Africa, Residential Design as well as Best in Africa Award by the International Property Awards based in London. OLALA INTERIORS is a Professional Interior Design Studio and Member of the African Institute of Interior Design Professions, the only Registered Professional Institute representing the African Interior Design Industry.

Our Sourced Product offering includes:

  • Lighting
  • Rugs
  • Décor and Accessories
  • Bespoke Cabinetry
  • Art

We Design & Manufacture:

  • Built-in Cupboards
  • Kitchens
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Cabinetry
  • Libraries
  • All Furniture


  • Brand design and Logo development
  • 2d Plans
  • 3d Rendering
  • Electrical Lay outs
  • Plumbing Lay outs
  • Furniture Design
  • Lighting Design

Our Logistics and Installation Services Include:

  • Interior Project Management
  • Curtains, Blinds and Wallpaper Solutions
  • Delivery of all furniture
  • Site Management and Set-up
  • Concierge Services


Interior Design Fees
Table of Fees
Rate per m2
Minimum Fee
New Build Habitable Space Design Fee Include Interior Decorating and 3 Renders
R85 000,00
Existing Home Decorating (Excludes Renovation Design & Renders)
R18 500,00
Additional Costs
Extra Renders per view
R5 000,00
Variation orders per meter
Handling Fee on External Purchases
Storage per month per 15m2
R 3 950,00
as required

We only design for our own manufacturing and installation purposes, and design fixed architectural items for full turn-key projects where we also source, specify, manufacture and install. All designs remain our copyrighted IP, and no designs and measurements are released. This includes 5 site visits (within 30km radius of our offices) For travel outside this radius, travelling will be billed per visit. The fee includes a single visual render of 3 key areas only (Lounge, kitchen and masters’ suite).

Our design fee includes:

Initial “Concept Planning Design” phase:

  • An extensive Briefing/Consultation meeting to gather as much information from you with respect to your requirements for the overall design vernacular and basic space planning. The budget must be confirmed and agreed to at this point for us to proceed. No renders or further design work will be done without the budget confirmed by the client.
  • From architectural drawings in dwg format, we shall draw up the Proposed Furniture Layout and review the plumbing. This will be presented to you for review. Based on your feedback OLALA INTERIORS will implement up to 3 minor revisions. All subsequent revisions will be charged separately as a variation order, at R 950 per linear/square meter (excl. Vat.) for any additional work.

Upon acceptance of the above proposed layouts, ”Design Development” can proceed.

Management Fee

This Service is whereby we facilitate and oversee specified sub-contractors work. OLALA INTERIORS will brief the sub-contractors on behalf of the client and oversee their workings. This covers our time, call out and advisory input. You will be liable for payment of a fee of 15% of the value all quotes accepted on your behalf of the VAT inclusive value of invoices issued against all quotes accepted by you. Site meeting attendance will be charged at an hourly rate of R850 per hour or part thereof, including travelling time.

NB OLALA INTERIORS does not warrant or guarantee any work carried out by a sub-contractor and your recourse will lie only against the sub-contractor. All accounts are for the Client’s account directly. Lights, Electrical items, Appliances and Sanware quotes are source and supply only.

Our Process

Design Development
  • Furniture; Electrical; Lighting; Plumbing; Flooring Layouts on plan.
  • A “mood presentation” illustrating what we understand your desired aspirations of the appearance of your new home / space to be
  • Detailed Room Floor Plans
  • Key Elevations (1 per room)
  • Additional Renders of the room may be requested and billed at R5000 per view per room.
  • A detailed line item costing as per your supplied and agreed budget.
Construction Documentation Phase

(Ceilings, Plumbing and Electrical)

The first order confirmation payment will be requested on all manufactured items, sanware and appliances, enabling us to proceed. During this phase, every designed aspect is detailed and dimensioned and the drawings required to construct for issuance to site.

This Service entails all orders to be placed and coordinated to ensure everything is arranged for installation.

A schedule will be submitted to you reflecting the price of the items specified by us and/or ordered by you. The schedule will include our handling fee of 15% (as per above table) on the usual retail price of all goods ordered from external suppliers during the procurements stage.

Progress payments will be requested as the project progresses and your final payment will be due one week before installation.

Professional Interior Décor Design

On acceptance of the mood presentation, the accepted budget must be provided, only then the Design Schematic will be prepared, a refined presentation detailing the individual items of furniture, fabric, wallpaper, curtains and decorative lighting.

Once the concept design has been accepted by you, an itemised costing schedule will be submitted to you for acceptance, based on the budget supplied by you. A non-refundable Order Confirmation Payment will be requested to enable us to action manufacturing and procurement.


Installations can be affected between 12 – 16 weeks from payment of confirmation of order for local product during off- peak periods, depending on the complexity of the order and the extent of the installation work, and may extend to in excess of 20 weeks depending on the size of the project and volume of work. It is agreed that you will not issue any instructions to employees/sub- contractors of OLALA INTERIORS, or our agents. All instructions or variation orders are to be directed to OLALA INTERIORS in writing before they will be binding on OLALA INTERIORS.

It is important to note that OLALA INTERIORS will not take over a site while the builders and sub- contractors are still on site, even if they are only snagging. Hard experience has shown that high end furniture and décor items cannot be left exposed on site to tilers, plumbers, painters, and the like without suffering damage. Consequently, it is agreed that from the moment that the site is handed over to OLALA INTERIORS the site will be a “white box” closed to all external contractors, suppliers, clients themselves and all other persons who are not employees or representatives of OLALA INTERIORS. On the agreed date and time OLALA INTERIORS will hand back the site.

Should the Client insist that OLALA INTERIORS commence delivery and/or installation while builders or other contractors (electrical, plumbing, painting, cabinet makers, gas installers, etc.) are on site, the delivered and/or installed items will be delivered to or installed on site entirely at the client’s own risk and OLALA INTERIORS will not under any circumstances be held responsible for any damages to goods delivered or installed to the site. Please note that this is not advised. It is hereby expressly noted that plumbers or electrician are not allowed to work in or around our cabinetry without our physical presence and supervision. Should OLALA INTERIORS be required to repair or replace damaged items in this case Client will bear and pay the cost thereof prior to repair or replacement. Depending on the complexity and scale of the project, on-site installation could be anything from a minimum of 3 weeks up to months. Should scaffolding be required for any services including but not limited to wallpaper hanging, the client will be required to arrange it for their own account.

While installing, we will not be held liable for accidental damage to water or electrical pipes, if we were not advised of their exact location beforehand or placed in possession of current wiring and electrical layout diagrams. If electrical and plumbing installation is done prior to our installation, then you are responsible for the demarcation of electrical and plumbing points, and any electrical points required for motorisation will be for your account. Mention is made of the fact that metal detectors do not detect rubber and PVC electrical conduiting.

Additional Information

Imported Product

All custom and special import product requires between16 – 24 weeks for manufacturing depending on the complexity of the product. For all imports, another 4 – 6 weeks shipping can be added to the timeline. Should we be requested or required to airfreight, the charges will be billed to your account. Some items require specialised LOA’s which could take up to 3 months to procure and be approved by the relevant authorities. All imported items need to be Cleared through Customs, and we have absolutely no control whatsoever on the clearing processes, their timelines, and possible delays for whatever reason.

Deep Clean

All new homes and builds require a serious deep clean. Although the builders do clean a site, it is to their standards, and not to ours. We will engage a professional cleaning company, and the costs normally averages out to R2500 per day, which will include a deep clean and sterilization of floors, walls, cabinetry, bathrooms, etc. Should we need to engage professional window cleaners (for double volume homes and areas) that costs will also be added to your account.


With the event of COVID, the Ukranian War, worldwide stock shortages, we can accept that everyone is mindful and respectful of unexpected delays. Should we not be able to install on the booked days due to any reason beyond our control, goods delivered will be placed in storage and the client will reimburse OLALA INTERIORS for the cost of storage at the prevailing rate. Currently we charge R 3950 (Excl. VAT) per month per 3 x 5 meter storage or part thereof. The quoted delivery charge will also increase twofold, by reason of the double delivery of the goods (1st into storage and then again to site).

OLALA INTERIORS will not be held responsible for delays occasioned by transfers of property, delayed payment or building delays, force majeure, acts of God or neglect by the client and the contract period will automatically be extended by a period equivalent to any delays. Similarly, you will not be entitled to withhold any scheduled or due payments by reason of said delays.

We forecast delivery dates of finished product on the back of dates supplied to us by suppliers. Should there be any delay in receipt, manufacture or import of any items or fabrics which is beyond our control, we will notify you. Should any products ordered be delayed or become unavailable then OLALA INTERIORS reserves the right to substitute items and/or fabrics with similar quality products, whilst adhering to the design specification.

We strongly advise that all furniture and fabric accessories immediately be treated with Fabric or Scotch Guard on site – and at least a day or two before you arrive. This is optional, but you can request us to quote on this in any event.

When installing away from home, all costs associated with 4 star full board and lodging, travelling, flights, car hire, delivery, freight and insurance costs of our teams and product will be borne by the client, including travelling costs for site meeting attendance.


You are required to ensure that you have comprehensive insurance cover with respect to all delivered and/or installed items for the duration of the project as the risk passes to you on delivery to site which includes theft, damage or destruction of these items. OLALA INTERIORS will assist where damage has occurred after installation, and the client will be invoiced for repairs and related costs.

Snagging Projects

As with all projects of this nature certain snags may become evident after site handover. In the event of any snags appearing, you will supply OLALA INTERIORS with a written snag list within seven calendar days from site handover. We will attend to the snags by either undertaking remedial work or replacing items where remedial work cannot resolve the snagged issue subject to full payment having been received.

Printing, Postages and Petties

All site plan printing (A1 & A0) will be charged at commercial printing rates. For all projects from R1 000 000, we charge a once-off fixed telephone fee of R1500, an administration fee of R7,500 (for office printing, general office costs, postages, and petties) and local travel fee of R6 500.

Damp & Moisture

Certain builds have damp issues caused by insufficient waterproofing and or water ingress from unsealed and plumbing areas which cause much aggravation and damage. OLALA INTERIORS cannot be held responsible for any such issues as it is not in our control. If we need to replace wallpapers or cabinetry due to this, the client will be invoiced, and will have to pursue remedial action with the builder or contractor directly.

Oxidation & Wear

Fabrics, Wood and Metals move and are affected by atmospheric conditions and develop mildew, anodize, and corrode. Humidity, temperature, and weight of fabric can cause relaxation (dropping) or shrinkage of a hanging fabric. All materials are subject to imperfections, fading and colour variations and will fade or change colour when exposed to light. Dye-lots differ from samples shown. LEATHER (unless otherwise specified) is South African sourced and have scratch and other markings. It is part of its natural appeal. LATEX cracks. All METALS including mirrors, pewter, nickel, steel, iron, bronze, copper, brass, aluminum, gold etc tarnish. All wallpapers especially natural wallpapers like grass cloth have random pattern matches and all joins are obvious, visible and can fray. The most exquisite wallpapers are hand-made, their infinite irregularities are characteristic of artisanal craft. If you are in close proximity to the sea, many manufacturers’ warranties in any and all product are voided as nothing lasts irrespective of price or composition.


What should I budget for my dream home build?

At end 2022, most home building projects averaged around builders’ budgets of approximately R25 000pm2 including PC’s (PC’s are allowances by the builder for cabinetry, kitchens, tiles, sanware etc). This excludes your softs decorating items.

The average decorating (softs) which includes all your furniture, window treatments, rugs etc spend starts from R7000 (excluding art, accessories etc). The average spend was between R9 500 – R18 000 per habitable square meter – personal budget, art and styling dependent.

How are payments made?

All payments are to be affected by direct electronic funds transfer into our cheque account.

Our banking details are:


ABSA Branch Code 632 005

Account Number 405 770 5037

Please note that our banking details will not change and that you are to ignore any requests for payment to be made into any other account, even if such requests ostensibly emanate from our offices as any such request will be fraudulently made.

Your signature or initialing of a quotation issued by OLALA INTERIORS or any payment made against any quotation or invoice, will signify your acceptance of these terms of engagement and the project totals, regardless of whether this document has been signed.

Procurement amounts as indicated are payable on request once Décor and/or Design proposals are accepted. We will require a minimum payment of 70% of the quoted price per item, subject to supplier requirements. In certain cases, the supplier may require a larger deposit or payment in full on order or prior to delivery. Items which we are manufacturing or importing must be paid for in full on order. All styling aids and smalls will attract a protective wrapping and delivery fee of 15%.

Progress payments will be requested, and the balance of the project value is payable before delivery.

Delay on the part of the client with respect to payment of deposits or progress invoices will delay the project as we do not offer financing facilities. Payments are non-refundable and if any payments due are not made timeously, OLALA INTERIORS reserves the right to either cease all work pending receipt of all due payments or to cancel our agreement on five working days written notice.

In the latter case, the payments made to OLALA INTERIORS as at the date of cancellation will be retained as part payment of all damages or losses occasioned to OLALA INTERIORS by reason of the breach of payment terms and cancellation. These damages may include storage costs, loss of profit and recovery of disbursements already made in pursuance of the project.

When will the client take ownership of the supplied items?

As with good business practice, it is a condition of service and supply that all items supplied to you remain the property of OLALA INTERIORS until all amounts due to OLALA INTERIORS by you have been paid in full. You are also reminded that while any amounts are unpaid OLALA INTERIORS will retain an improvement LIEN over the premises until final payment has been received.

Furthermore, should we be required to institute action for recovery of monies owed to us and/or delivery of any property which remains in our ownership while any amounts due to us remain unpaid and/or any damages or losses suffered by reason of your default, we shall be entitled in addition thereto to recover the legal costs incurred thereby on the attorney and client scale. All monies due to us will attract interest at the prime overdraft rate charged by ABSA Bank from time to time, plus four percentage points, calculated and compounded monthly in arrears.

Access to the installation address will be afforded to OLALA INTERIORS after site hand over should there be any snags to be attended to, or while any amounts due to OLALA INTERIORS remain unpaid. No exchanges or refunds on orders. In the event of a variation order, agreed to by OLALA INTERIORS, a 25% handling fee will be charged.

On completion and payment, a full VAT invoice together with a detailed product list and reconciliation, will be issued to the Client. You accept that a certificate issued by one of our members or managers reflecting your indebtedness to OLALA INTERIORS shall be sufficient proof thereof in a court of law, until and unless you prove the contrary. Similarly, a product list of the goods delivered and/or installed by OLALA INTERIORS in pursuance of your project shall be sufficient proof of delivery of those items in a court of law, until and unless you prove the contrary.

Based on past experience, it would be prudent to allow for a contingency of 10 – 15% of the contract value for incidentals or variations.

Please be advised, that it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary means and funds to ensure the affordability of any and all projects actioned through OLALA INTERIORS. On acceptance you guarantee that the funds for the project is available and that payments will be made on request as the project progresses.

What is copyright?

All our conceptual ideas and drawings, as well as the final products are protected under Copyright and Intellectual Property laws of South Africa.

All designs are created and emanate from the talent and labour of our designers and our experience and expertise in the field of interior décor and design. All copyright in and to all drawings, reports, specifications, designs and samples provided by our designers shall remain vested in and reserved by OLALA INTERIORS. We also reserve the right and you hereby agree that we may use photographs and other media depicting your project for purposes of advertising, portfolios, references and publishing.

No section or detail may be used, copied or sold, whether for this project or any other, without our written permission. Any use of these, in part or in whole, will result in you being liable for a design fee of 15% on that project value.

Should you wish that we design for comparative quoting purposes, a fee of R495 per m2 will be applied to concept design, floor lay-outs, electrical, plumbing, ceilings and a single visual render of 3 key areas only (Lounge, kitchen and masters). If you would like us to release 2D plan measurements and product specifications for comparative quoting purposes, all further charges will apply, including R1950 ex VAT per linear meter for furniture and cabinetry design plus 15% of budgeted and or quoted costs will be payable before any drawings will be released.


Items not manufactured by OLALA INTERIORS will carry only the supplier’s guarantees and warranties. While we will assist you in lodging guarantee or warranty claims, all claims will lie directly against the supplier thereof, e.g. including but not limited to Lights, Mirrors, Countertops, Appliances, Glass etc.

Quotes & Actuals

All projects start with a budget and select materials and for example appliances. During the project, items may be interchanged or replaced. This will automatically influence the pricing on the project. If a project has been approved in principle, the pricing will be affected and adjusted at date of payment for that item and is subject to current market price fluctuations and exchange rates. In our industry, there are price increases every March and September, and more frequent when the exchange rate fluctuates. The building market is even more volatile.

Commencement of Project Design

Any payments to OLALA INTERIORS constitute acceptance of our Terms and Conditions and engagement of our Services.

Kind Regards